About Eat In Chef

Our Mission

Eat In Chef is a digital culinary management platform designed for professional chefs that want to run a local personal chef business. We mobilize dining by allowing seasoned chefs to replace cooking in the back of house to being front and center in diners’ homes.

We partner with chefs to provide one-of-a-kind experiences that restaurants are incapable of creating. Our digital tools empower chefs to handle marketing, customer management, menu development, scheduling, bookkeeping, and analytics.

Together, we change the relationship between chefs and diners one “Eat In” experience at a time.

Our Values

Local Sustainability

Creating strategic alliances with local farmers, harvesters, bakers, boutique food and beverage businesses impacts the health of local communities, protects the environment, and stimulates local economies.


People’s values drive decisions. As more people make healthier food choices and demand better quality food, it is our responsibility to offer peace of mind to our customers by informing them who, where, and how their food is produced.


Building trust with customers means being honest about our business practices all the time.

The Team

Susana Aho

UX Content Strategist

Eat in Chef presents a whole new way to do dinner. We’re psyched to empower both chefs and diners to expand the way they think about the business, experience, and power of food.

Greyceli Marin

Influencer Relations Manager

You'll never see your kitchen the same way again.

Martin Mata

Community Manager

The days of paying for an expensive culinary education only to work a near minimum wage job as a line cook are on their way out.

Ara Galarza

Co-Founder | CEO

Working long hours at low pay is an outdated expectation of chefs in the culinary sector. We’re here to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit that is stifled in so many chefs as a result of industry conditions.

Our Partners

  • International Culinary Center
  • International Culinary Education
  • Checkr
  • Thirstie
  • Fresh Direct

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