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Free lunches, beer taps, and ping-pong tables? Not. Good. Culture.

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A company is only as good as its leader and its culture. As Eat In Chef’s visionary and gatekeeper, it is my responsibility to set the direction and tone for the company. From developing relationships, to disseminating information, to prioritizing our organizational goals, I establish the mentality and guide the performance of everyone working on my team. These unwritten rules create an internal culture and define how business should be done.

An internal culture is only possible through the people we hire and the resources we make available for them to succeed. Bringing on the best people requires more thought than free lunches, beer taps, and ping-pong tables. Attracting high-performing talent means instilling a culture that allows for autonomy, development, and empowering employees to have dignity in their work.

After working 12+ years in the corporate world, I experienced poor practices to avoid when I would become a founder-CEO. I made a commitment to my future self and my future team to never stifle the growth of my teammates, but to develop passionate people into badass professionals who give a shit about their company’s mission. I iterate “their company” because employees who are vested in their work have the happiest customers and produce quality results.

So, here are 3 fun facts about Eat In Chef’s culture:

  1.  4-day work week – A shorter workweek increases productivity, improves employee morale, and retention.
  2. Everyone pitches – Everyone from the tech apprentice to the head of marketing, needs to complete a pitching assignment prior to being hired. Our people innovate and execute ideas.
  3. Cross-functional – Multidisciplinary teams create accountability, synergy, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Are you a juggernaut? Then join a team that’s experiencing a growth spurt.

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Head of Product Engineering

Head of Experience & Marketing

Customer Success Manager (Diners)

Customer Success Manager (Chefs)

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Posted on August 10th, 2017 by Ara Galarza