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Announcing the 5/5 Series: 5 Strategies in 5 Minutes for Pro-Chefs on the Go


Early this summer, we rolled up our sleeves to figure out the best way to engage with pro-chefs. Finding the most effective communication channel for customers who have unpredictable schedules has its share of challenges. Our highest priority is to ensure that our chefs have access to useful educational resources quickly and efficiently in order to set them up for success. After testing the performance of the “What’s the word on Eat In Chef” live webinars, we found that sharing concise best practices that can be acquired and applied are best distributed via short live videos.

I am excited to announce our 5/5 (Five in Five) Strategy Series. Pro-chefs can tune in to watch 5 strategies in 5 minutes to help them build their business and function better as entrepreneurs. To¬†encourage open communication and discourse, we’ve started an EIC ProChef closed FaceBook group for attendees to post questions and build community with like-minded chefs across the country.

For chefs interested in joining Eat In Chef, please apply here.

Hope to see you there.


Posted on August 23rd, 2017 by Ara Galarza