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Introducing Netflix and Dine


We’ve all set aside time (or maybe even a whole weekend, let’s be real…) to watch a new season of our favorite show on Netflix. There’s no doubt about it, Netflix is churning out some of the most engaging original content out there. From superheroes to comedies to thrillers, the platform has given us access to amazing stories at the click of a button. And we’ve all huddled on our couches, alone or with partners or friends, to enjoy them. We’ve probably enjoyed some junk food or take-out in the process, too.

But imagine a #Netflixandchill experience that matches original content to truly original, gourmet dinners. Imagine setting a night aside for an episode or for binging…but with a seasoned, professional chef in your kitchen. Imagine a truly special occasion around the stories you love and appreciate – at a price that’s similar to eating out at a restaurant!

That’s why we’re introducing “Netflix and Dine,” to bring you a whole new streaming experience. By combining the powers of your Eat in Chef account with your Netflix account, you’ll have access to a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether it’s a first date, a chance to connect with your husband or wife in a new way, or hosting a viewing party with friends, EIC can make your streaming experience an amazing one. You’ll be able to enjoy a compelling story AND a compelling meal, designed and curated by a professional chef working in your very own kitchen. It’s a brand new take on dinner and a movie.

So stay tuned, because we’ll be offering themed menus and exclusive discounts for your next #NetflixandDine date night or viewing party. Actually, here’s one to get you started: get $20 off your next booking with the promo code NETFLIXANDDINE20. Subscribe to our email list here to be eligible for more offers, and stay tuned to our social media channels to see what we’re up to. We can’t wait to be a part of your Netflix experience (even more than we can’t wait for the new season of Stranger Things).

Posted on September 18th, 2017 by Ara Galarza