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#OnTheMenu: Food is better with friends & family!

Happiness is one of those things that’s better when shared, and so is food. Did you know that enjoying mealtime with others can actually lead to a happier and healthier life?

Eating with friends and family is a great way to relax and catch up with loved ones. Doing so helps build social connections, which lead to increased happiness. After all, who doesn’t enjoy spending time with friends and family? As an added bonus, eating with others can also lead to healthier eating choices. One study found that children who sat down for dinner with their families ate more fruits and vegetables, and drank less soda. And if you’re eating a home-cooked meal — or one prepared by an Eat In Chef — you’re doubling-up on health benefits because home cooking is healthier than restaurant meals or pre-prepared food. Last, but not least, a study from Yale University found that eating with others may make food taste better, too!

Gather your friends and book an Eat In Chef for your next group dinner! This week’s featured dishes are your best bet for a happier, healthier, and more delicious life.

Chef Krystyna: Salmon en Croute w/ Asparagus Four Ways

Chef Krystyna’s salmon en croute.

Glazed salmon baked in puff pastry, w/ asparagus prepared four ways (grilled, sauteed, pureed, and caviar), topped with Hollandaise.

Chef Jeanelle: Caribbean-Inspired Coconut Salmon

Chef Jeanelle’s coconut salmon.

Pan-seared salmon simmered in sweet coconut cream sauce. Served w/ honey carrots and lemon corn cake.

Posted on April 26th, 2016 by Ara Galarza