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Why the reset? An open letter from Eat In Chef’s Founder/CEO.

Chef looking into camera.

In April, I made the decision to enact a content freeze. We had a full product, but I felt as though our message was misplaced. Our marketing needed to catch up with our business model and product. I am excited to announce that we’ve given the Eat In Chef site a makeover and our messaging will be more geared toward chefs. Moving forward, we will partner with chefs to create incredible dining experiences and build lasting relationships with diners in their local area.

Our mission to connect local chefs with diners couldn’t be clearer today than when we created Eat In Chef three years ago. We started with an on-demand model but gradually learned that chefs aren’t successful in trying to keep up with meal kits or food delivery. Chefs are most successful in creating memorable dining experiences. After personally interviewing hundreds of professional chefs and surveying nearly two thousand, we found 80% chefs prefer running a personal chef business over working at a restaurant. I simply couldn’t ignore the facts.

I want to set the record straight. With all due respect, I believe the failure of adjacent companies like KithcenSurfing and Kitchit was in not focusing on how special a personal chef experience is but on how quickly they can place chefs in peoples’ homes in order to match the growth of meal kits and delivery companies. So much so that chefs were no longer cooking their own menus but re-heating pre-cooked meals distributed from a commissary kitchen. It was my responsibility as a founder to avoid every obvious flaw in order to create a community that does not overlook chefs and respects the process of what it means to be a personal chef. We are not here to reinvent the wheel.

Eat In Chef is in direct competition with restaurants by empowering high-performing talent to partner with us to establish the “eat in” industry as independent business owners. We’re focused on creating the infrastructure to organize an industry that the majority of chefs prefer to work in.

To learn more about Eat In Chef, chefs and diners are invited to attend our “What’s the word on Eat In Chef?” information webinars.  In the meantime, check out our new look and let me know what you think at

Posted on June 12th, 2017 by Ara Galarza