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So, what’s it like to have your own chef?

Most of you have probably never had a professional chef cook in your kitchen before. Personal chefs are only for the rich and famous, right? And even if you can afford a chef, you might be self-conscious about your kitchen. Is it too small? Too basic? Can someone really prepare a gourmet meal in here?

Chef Elena
Chef Elena Apostolides preparing a meal for diners in Queens, NY.

Over the past few years, numerous startups have made chefs more accessible than ever. Busy moms, adventurous foodies, and even young city-dwellers with cramped kitchens can easily request a chef and enjoy a restaurant-quality meal at home.

Though two major players, Kitchensurfing and Kitchit, have come and gone, Eat In Chef is still around to make the dream of having your own chef a reality. So, what’s it like to have your own chef? We’re glad you asked!

Check out these blog posts for a preview of what it’s like to have your very own chef:

And you don’t even have to take our word for it, because our friends at LA Foodie and East End Taste had great things to say about their Eat In Chef experiences as well!

If you’re ready to have your very own chef cook for you at home, give Eat In Chef a try this weekend! Take 50 percent off your next booking with promo code: EATINWEEKEND

Bon appétit!


Posted on February 23rd, 2017 by Ara Galarza