The future of work for chefs.

Media Technology Platform Built for Professional Chefs

Create, share, & stream

Bios, menus, demos, dining & entertainment tips

Recipe calculation & optimization

Monitor food costs, pricing, sourcing, plan seasonal menus

Chef analytics

Track your profile page activity, bookkeeping, earnings

Business Strategy & development

Professional mentoring on food trends, culture, business development, client management

How It Works


Transition from employee to entrepreneur.

You have trained rigorously for years to master your culinary craft; you probably pursued a degree or have formal education. Now, how does it feel in 2018 that your compensation is stuck in the 1990’s; working long hours at restaurants or in catering with limited career or wage advancement?

This is a problem chefs face in the culinary industry today.

It is no secret that a majority of chefs would prefer to operate an independent business; however most fail or do not even try since they lack the infrastructure to support growth and development.

Eat In Chef solves this problem by providing an emerging media technology platform that enables chef’s to navigate out of the “back of the house”, create a professional business and meet the growing consumer demand for dining and entertainment experiences at home.

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