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Use your chef page to publish your bio, social media pages, new menus, photos, and more!


Manage your calendar and plan your availability in advance to make it easier to meet client requests.

Menu Library

Easily create, edit, and save your menus all year round.

Analytics Tools
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Use easy-to-read data to help you make smart decisions for your business.

How It Works


Entrepreneurship Made Simple

Menu Optimization

Access real time tips ranging from seasonal ingredients and pricing strategies to enhanced menu descriptions.


Easily earn additional income with direct deposit. Track your bookings, expenses, and profits.


Network and learn from other Eat In Chefs in the community.

Professional Development

Take advantage of our educational resources to cultivate your culinary skills and enhance your entrepreneruial ones via live webinars and forums.

Build beyond restaurants and catering.
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Today’s professional chefs work nearly twice as many hours per week while earning less wages than most who work the typical 40 hours per week. Their careers are also limited to working at a restaurant or in catering. The thought of operating a personal chef business seems impossible because most chefs feel like the cards are stacked against them. It’s no secret that less than 3% of chefs successfully operate a personal chef business full-time. On the other hand, 80% of chefs with at least 6 years’ experience prefer to cook privately but working conditions stifle their efforts.

Eat In Chef simplifies the way chefs start a personal chef business. Chefs partner with us to expand their reach to easily connect with clients. Use our tools to create a custom chef page, build a menu library, manage your schedule, and much more. Start your business on your time and build without limits.

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